Actor: Arashi Koroku IV (四代目嵐小六)

Alternate names:
Minshi (poetry name - 珉子)
Arashi Iwajirō II (二代目嵐岩次郎)
Kanō Minshi I (初代叶珉子)
Arashi San'emon VIII (八代目嵐三右衛門)

Lifetime: 1783 - 1826

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This actor held this name from 11/1817 to 11/1826. His grandfather was Arashi Koroku I (1710-86). Koroku III (1741-96) was his father.

Arashi Koroku IV was a talented Kamigata wakaonnagata actor, who achieved fame for himself in Ōsaka and Kyōto during the first half of the nineteenth century.

This actor started early 7/1795 performing in female roles as Arashi Iwajirō II. He played Ohan in one of the Shigarami-related plays. (See Lyon Collection Hokushū triptych, #467.) The role of Ohan is described by Kabuki21 in reference to a similar play:

Ohan, a 14-year old daughter of a Kyōto merchant, stays at the Debaya Inn in Ishibe on her way back from a visit to the Great Shrine of Ise. She is accompanied by Chōkichi, a decchi at her father's Shinanoya house, an obi shop, and a maid. Chōemon, a 40-year old obi dealer, and next-door neighbour to Ohan's family, also registers at the same inn on his way back from a business trip to the Enshū province.

A little after midnight, Ohan comes to Chōemon's room, asking to be protected because she is troubled by Chōkichi's amorous advances. This night is the beginning of their unfortunate love story as Ohan falls in love with this man in his forties.

A little later, Chōkichi leaves his room to look for Ohan and, peeping into Chōemon's room, find Ohan in Chôemon's embrace in bed. To take his revenge on Chōemon, Chōkichi takes out the sheathed blade of a precious sword Chōemon has been asked to transport. He exchanges it with the blade of his own sword of little value.